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The Bear vs. Magic Tree House

It’s on.

The Bear is tearing through the beloved Mary Pope Osborne Magic Tree House books like there is no tomorrow.  She started with #9 about 10 days ago, reading that Dolphin-themed volume in less than an hour (the final 15 minutes of which was spent standing in the backyard, leaning against the swing set).  She has since devoured books 1-12 (minus #6 and# 7 ’cause the library hasn’t had those on hand).

I’m beaming with pride at her adoration of the written word.  I’m not surprised by it – she loved being read to from birth and reading all by lonesome over the past year or so – but the transition from early reader to full-fledged book lover is in full, glorious swing. She must get that from the Mrs. because I was never much of a reader as a child. This continues to haunt me with my needs-improvement vocabulary & spelling, and I continue to play catch up.

The Bear won’t share in that problem.

In addition to stealing away a few quiet moments alone curled up in her bed with a Magic Tree House book, she’s also fond of playing storyteller for the Mrs, Mouse and I.  She’ll sit criss-cross-applesauce in front of us three explaining all that Jack and Annie are getting into after another magical meeting with Morgan Le Fay.  The Mrs. and I reach behind the Mouse – who is squeezed between us – to touch arms and catch eyes as we see watch the Bear smile private smiles to herself and radiate a giddy excitement at what she guesses will happen next.  Like a plump Thanksgiving Day turkey, my heart is stuffed with so much joy when I look at her glowing behind the pages of a Magic Tree House book.

The Magic Tree House series of books balance structured predictability, adventure, and geography/cultural details perfectly. The official Magic Tree House website is also interesting and fun, providing a nice supplement to the books while we wait for our library to reload.

The Mouse and I bought the Bear something else to keep the flame burning while she anxiously waits for books #6 and #7 to be returned (hurry up people!) – a book of Games and Puzzles from the Tree House will be an after-school surprise today.

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