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Brady Rymer – Love Me For Who I Am Kid’s CD Review

Brady Rymer at the 2010 Celebrate Brooklyn Family Concert

Brady Rymer “Love Me For Who I Am”

This is the album Brady Rymer was destined to make. “Love Me For Who I Am” gives Rymer’s patented ear to ear grin, youthful exuberance and happy-go-lucky acoustic guitar rock charm a purpose higher than simply a nifty batch of songs on a shiny plastic disc or another Grammy nomination (which I fully expect him receive). With these joyful new tunes inspired by kids with alternate learning styles, Brady Rymer articulates the oft complex emotions of misunderstood, typecast children as only a gifted songwriter can and, in the case of “So Many Ideas” (my favorite track), gives a powerful voice to those muted through disability. The tune, sung in a weary-but-still-going-strong gruff manner, was inspired by a student at the Celebrate the Children School who, despite being very much alive and well on the inside, was unable to outwardly communicate his countless ideas. That is until one day when a teacher propped up his elbow just so and rested his right hand onto typewriter keys. Thoughts previously trapped flowed from the young man like a mountain stream, the 1st of which was to say thanks to his mother for never giving up on him or abandoning his fight. You can cry, it’s okay. I am too.

Enjoy the video for the title track “Love Me For Who I Am”, a modern day anthem for children of all shapes, sizes and abilities:

The entire album is so melodious and outstanding, Rymer’s best work to date in fact, that even staunch anti-Laurie Berkner parents will cave during her duet on “Soft Things”. Grab a free download of this delicate song here:

The essential underlining message Rymer delivers with songs about unconditional love, a distaste for change, a craving for squishy bear hugs, and being a picky eater, is that the playing field couldn’t be more level when it comes to childhood traits and desires. Unlike the cruel world around us, these constant all-kid things don’t discriminate.

Listen to the entire album below:

“Love Me For Who I Am” is another classic good-time, Brady Rymer rock-n-roll record. His unapologetic sentimentality and good-hearted approach to all-ages music making has never been more vibrant, and on the eve of Autism Awareness Month, never more easily appreciated. There is little about these songs on the surface to indicate that they are rooted in the stories of children who have and continue to endure challenges most of us couldn’t imagine. “Love Me For Who I Am” effortlessly stands as a piece of music perfectly suited for all families that’ll make you squeeze your children a little tighter and smile a little wider than you previously thought possible. This is true whether your child carries a label around with them or not.

*OWTK received a copy of “Love Me For Who I Am” for review consideration. The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased. No arm-twisting took place in the review process.

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