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Brett Band for Kids – CD Mini Review


You gotta love an album that opens with zero pretense.  Eschewing any claim of hipness, Brett Band for Kids begins with the precious demand “Hug me / ’cause I love you”.  Hipster parents may cringe.  For everyone else: prepare to “open up your arms / and squuuueeeeze”.  “Big Hug”, that lead track (listen below), is Brady Rymer-sweet and Jack Johnson/Curious George-groovy…and it’s a massive charmer.  The heart-on-a-sleeve straightforwardness is indicative of the simple pleasures contained in the 12 songs that follow.

There are countless acoustic guitar driven children’s CDs that can fairly be described as peppy, interactive and movement-based, but Brett Band for Kids stands out from the crowd by being grilled-cheese-and-chicken-noodle-soup-before-naptime comfortable.  Even when Brett Rothenhaus is stomping ’round standard kiddie rock trope of animal sounds and ice cream flavors there’s exists something special in his voice, something pure (for hardcore kindie rock lovers, think: Joe McDermott) that wins over both parent and child.

Years as a Little Maestros performer has, as it did with fellow New Yorkers The Pop Ups, honed this songwriter’s ability to honestly connect with children as if he too were sitting Indian-style in your family room.  So much so that Brett Band for Kids approximates the live toddler music class experience better than any kid’s CD I’ve heard since maybe SteveSongs.  Whether that’s a good thing or not depends on you.  Have you ever considered plunking down hard-earned cash for such a class after your free trail?  Yeah, me too.  Now you needn’t bother, just spend the $10 or so on this disc then grab a carpet square next to your kiddo (note: that statement is not intended to cut into Rothenhaus’ income potential as a music class performer).  Your preschooler will likely respond very favorably to the motions, the call and response, and the energy contained here.

Ultimately, Rothenhaus proves a wonderful instructor, and his debut 2009 CD a wonderful example of the potential for toddler rock.  My 3.5-year old Mouse loves this album.  Her age, +/- a year, would seem to be the target range, although the nearly 7-year old Bear has been seen flopping on the floor as a prehistoric sleepyhead during “Dinosaur Stomp”.

Listen to the 1st four tracks:

*Mini Scoop: Look for the sophomore Brett Band for Kids CD sometime this Spring/Summer.

*A copy of “Brett Band for Kids” was provided to OWTK for review. The opinions expressed above are unbiased and true. No arm-twisting took place in the review process.

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