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A Reintroduction to Dala

The Canadian duo Dala is celebrating the U.S. release of their 4th long player “Everyone is Someone” today. I thought that, in honor of the special occasion, today would be a good day to open the OWTK vaults and revisit the post where I first introduced you and your family to Amanda Walther & Sheila Carabine, aka Dala.

November 2, 2009 – OWTK Introduces You to Dala

*Little known fact: this interview/feature on Dala was to appear on iVillage.com. They went from excited-about-the-pitch to killing the final product in the span of 3 weeks. This was around the same time their new-at-the-time For Kid’s entertainment blog moved in the direction of celebrity babies, Justin Bieber, the Kardashians, and whatever the Disney Corporation was fiscally involved in. My idea was to present a rooted-in-classic-pop-songwriting alternative to the (boobs) in your face shallowness of the teen and tween pop music world. Instead, I ran the piece here on OWTK, giving the fine duo coverage but probably not nearly as much as they’d have received on the pages of iVillage.com. I’m still a little bummed out about that, as you can probably ascertain.

From a digital music standpoint, Dala having their album officially released in the U.S. is probably not too significant.  From a physical CD standpoint, it’s likely huge.  No more ‘IMPORT’ label and jacked up prices in your local record store, Barnes & Noble or Best Buy.

If you haven’t already done so, check out Dala today.

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