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Dala and Mr. Clarke

Photo Credit: The Bear

The Mrs. and I will be having a Philly-tastic musical weekend.  It starts without the kids on Friday night, at the Tin Angel.  The Canadian duo Dala is in town, supporting their outstanding album “Everyone is Someone”.  Who’s Dala? So glad you asked…OWTK introduced you to ’em last year.  We’re super jazzed to see Amanda and Sheila headline this show inside the extremely intimate (and narrow) 2nd-floor, Old City club.

Then, after we scoop up the children, we head to West Philly for the Saturday morning Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke kid’s show at World Cafe Live.  The Mouse is giddy to spot Mr. Clarke in-person after spending much of this week finding the illustrated him on every page of the “Rise and Shine” board book/CD.

I know you’re not supposed to want to speed up time, especially when you have kids (no one wants them to grow up too fast), but what’s fast-forwarding 3 days among friends?

Not that I do much that would be considered laborious by anyone, but I’m absolutely working for the weekend right now.

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