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I’m Sorry Huckle

A couple months back, in OWTK’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide, I wrote this:

I’m not the biggest fan of [Richard] Scarry’s books.

Today I’d like to formally apologize to Richard Scarry, to the good, um, people of Busytown, and yes, even to the toothbrush, corn on the cob, and hammer vehicles.

Since I made that sacrilegious remark my girls have falling into a deep, meaningful love with Huckle, Sally and Lowly Worm (Pig Will and Pig Won’t, not so much – they are kinda a-holes), thanks to the Busytown board game I was writing about. Every single day, before and after school, the Bear & Mouse pour over Busytown books from the library and on special occasions (read: when I want to lay down and rest my aching back) we three enjoy episodes of the Busytown Mysteries Season 2 DVD via Netflix Instant Watch on my laptop.

I emailed this Busytown Birthday link to the Mrs. at work today. The subject line: “How to make the Mouse the happiest 4-year old ever”. My wife’s response: “Exactly how crafty do you think I am?” Doesn’t look like the Mouse will be distributing hand-stitched Lowly Worms in her goodie bags this year.

I haven’t the foggiest idea where my dislike of Richard Scarry’s Busytown books came from (sounds like another mystery for Huckle Cat and his pals!), but whatever prompted me to harbor ill-will then is gone now. Busytown is a wholesome, fun and educational series (of books, TV episodes and games) that is more than welcome ’round these parts.

If you’re looking to introduce some commercial-free TV to your kids, check out the Busytown Mysteries DVD on Netflix or just buy it below. It’s directly in the wheelhouse of kids 2-6.

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