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I’m Sorry Huckle

A couple months back, in OWTK’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide, I wrote this:

I’m not the biggest fan of [Richard] Scarry’s books.

Today I’d like to formally apologize to Richard Scarry, to the good, um, people of Busytown, and yes, even to the toothbrush, corn on the cob, and hammer vehicles.

Since I made that sacrilegious remark my girls have falling into a deep, meaningful love with Huckle, Sally and Lowly Worm (Pig Will and Pig Won’t, not so much – they are kinda a-holes), thanks to the Busytown board game I was writing about. Every single day, before and after school, the Bear & Mouse pour over Busytown books from the library and on special occasions (read: when I want to lay down and rest my aching back) we three enjoy episodes of the Busytown Mysteries Season 2 DVD via Netflix Instant Watch on my laptop.

I emailed this Busytown Birthday link to the Mrs. at work today. The subject line: “How to make the Mouse the happiest 4-year old ever”. My wife’s response: “Exactly how crafty do you think I am?” Doesn’t look like the Mouse will be distributing hand-stitched Lowly Worms in her goodie bags this year.

I haven’t the foggiest idea where my dislike of Richard Scarry’s Busytown books came from (sounds like another mystery for Huckle Cat and his pals!), but whatever prompted me to harbor ill-will then is gone now. Busytown is a wholesome, fun and educational series (of books, TV episodes and games) that is more than welcome ’round these parts.

If you’re looking to introduce some commercial-free TV to your kids, check out the Busytown Mysteries DVD on Netflix or just buy it below. It’s directly in the wheelhouse of kids 2-6.

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  1. I’m surprised at your initial dislike of Richard Scarry. Did you have them as a kid?

  2. I don’t remember reading them as a child, no. I was probably to busy reading Kafka or splitting the atom. Haha.

  3. can also find busytown on PBS ! your kids would most likely LOVE the original huge hard bound books…hours and hours of entertainment trying to find gold bug and so forth!

  4. I remember very few picture books from my childhood. Richard Scarry’s books were among them. There certainly are cultural critiques that can be made, I suppose, but I get why kids (including my own) love ’em.

    We love the pickle car.

  5. Hi Teresa, Yes! Those big huge Busytown books – that’s what we get from the library. My girls dive into them with such enthusiastic fervor. It’s positively adorable watching them get excited about spotting Lowly, Gold Bug and other hidden surprises!

  6. Yep, the pickle car is pretty fantastic too. If Halloween were in January instead of October, I’m pretty sure the Mouse would ask me to tie her legs together and make her one giant sneaker, thus fulfilling her dream of becoming a talking, driving, and walking worm.

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