The Holiday Slowdown

With the year coming to a close, my gears are grinding to a near-stop. I don’t expect you’ll see many new posts on OWTK over the next couple weeks.

It’s been a wonderful year of music and books and other kid-stuff. Thanks for reading OWTK and for allowing me to shine a light on some of the best independent media and toys available for modern children.  It’s an honor to have your eyeballs on my words each and every day.

Early on in 2011, I’ll have reviews of the new Lunch Money album “Original Friend”, and new kindie discs from Ella Jenkins, Tom Gray (of Guster), ScribbleMonster, Mister G, and a ton more. You’ll also see some reviews of iPhone/iPad apps, great kid’s literature, a discussion about childhood nutrition, and much more.

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, I wish you & yours all the best.

Until 2011…


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