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*Updated* Watch This: Kindiependent “Vagabond Worms” Video

The members of Recess Monkey and Harmonica Pocket, along with Caspar Babypants’ Chris Ballew (also of The Presidents of the United States of America) recently jammed and recorded a brand new kid’s song called “Vagabond Worms”.

In the good old days of, say the 90’s, I could see getting this bad boy out on a 7″ vinyl record. Maybe, since it’s 2010, we’ll soon be able to download “Vagabond Worms” for a buck online. I’ll keep ya posted should this gem become purchasable. (UPDATED 9/21 8:50 pm ET: Download the track for free! Click here)

For now, watch, listen and enjoy the very Recess Monkey “Wonderstuff”-esque song “Vagabond Worms” from the Kindiependent collective recorded in someone’s lovely living room:

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