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The Dirty Sock Funtime Band – DVD Review

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band is a psychedelic mashup of Aerosmith, the B-52’s, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and The Monkees custom built for the Spongebob generation.  The band’s inaugural DVD contains the 1st three episodes of their music video and humorous skit-based TV show; a well paced, charming and visually appealing program for all eyes – young and old, cynical and innocent.

I first slipped the Dirty Sock Funtime Band DVD into my laptop while in excruciating pain. I had just hurt my lower back, was practically immobile, and I needed the Mouse to chill out on the bed while we waited for the Mrs. to rescue me. I took a chance and turned to the unknown (to us) Funtime Band.  Damn was that a good choice!  I almost forgot about the lower lumbar stabbing sensation as my 3-year old and I laughed it up – enjoying the well-constructed plot(s) and the high energy, often hilarious tunes.  It’s a testament to just how excellent the show is, because I wasn’t in the mood to find anything enjoyable and, well, I liked the Dirty Sock Funtime Band TV show very, very much even while flat on my back wishing for death [tiny exaggeration].

As a general rule, I steer clear of dudes wearing velvet jackets, puffy shirts or extremely long scarves whilst indoors, but it’s hard to resist these fellas. Their charm, as you’ll see below in the show’s opening number (the opening of which reminds me a little of MTV’s The State doing a parody of All in the Family), jumps off the screen and is rather infectious.  If The Dirty Sock Funtime Band took themselves even a little bit seriously, this show (and the songs) would be a hideous mess.  Fortunately, they don’t. It’s clear that they are having a really, er, Funtime being goofy – sometimes outrageously so.

If you’re a fan of Jack’s Big Music show, you may already be familiar with this one – the superb “Dino-Soaring”:

I wasn’t looking for a kid’s TV show to like, but I found one in The Dirty Sock Funtime Band DVD. The group’s “Sock-A-Delic” CD compiles all the tunes from the show and is outstanding in it’s own right and on it’s own (although it helps a bit to have seen the visuals to put some of the action in context – “Donut Brain Aliens”, for example).

Check out the band’s website to buy the DVD, pick up a free song download (the summertime appropriate “I’m Hot”), print off free coloring pages and more.

*The Dirty Sock Funtime Band DVD and “Sock-A-Delic” CD were provided to OWTK for review. The opinions expressed above are unbiased and true – no arm twisting took place in the review process.

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