The Jimmies – Trying Funny Stuff DVD Review

The Jimmies are HUGE in my house.  They’re probably the Bear’s fave band.  Nary a day goes by without her belting out “Everyday’s a holiday with you!”, rustling her hair along with “Bedhead”, or crooning to “Taddy” while the Mouse strums her air guitar and bounces around the living room like she’s on stage at the Warped Tour (circle ’95, you know, when it was cool).
When “Trying Funny Stuff”, the new DVD from The Jimmies, arrived a couple weeks back, my girls suddenly figured out how to work the DVD player without adult supervision.  My kids quickly began rocking out with the Brooklyn band and they only stop for school and sleep.

If you’ve never seen or heard The Jimmies, know 2 things: they rock and they make incredible videos. Theirs is kid’s music with a pulse and a backbeat that is undeniably cool.

Yes, the videos included here (which are also available on the band’s website) and the live concert (included on both DVD and CD) are ab fab, without question.  What makes this offering so different, and frankly better, than almost any other I’ve seen though is the “Behind the Scenes” footage.  Singer Ashley Albert and director Mike Slavens pull back the curtain as they walk you and your kids through the music video making process with a level of humor that’s never been seen in a kid’s show or DVD.  The script is dry, quick witted and absolutely laugh out loud funny for the whole family.  My kids don’t get all the jokes but they love to see all the camera trickeration (green screen, etc) exposed…especially all the handmade sugary edifices used to create an on-screen, larger than life candy carnival.

Barnes & Noble has an exclusive with “Trying Funny Stuff”…which means that while you read this, the thing is actually sitting on store shelves ’round the country.  I’m old enough to remember when you just didn’t see CDs from indie/smaller bands on the shelf at Best Buy, Target or Barnes and Noble so it’s still a novelty for me and something that is genuinely exciting for both band and fan.  Accessibility is good, despite what purest detractors may say.

Whether this DVD serves as your introduction to The Jimmies or not, “Trying Funny Stuff” is 100% fun for kids and parents.  The Jimmies, and their new DVD, are just about perfect.  

Buy it today from Barnes & Noble.

“Trying Funny Stuff” was provided to OWTK for review. The opinions expressed above are unbiased and true – no arm twisting took place in the review process.
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