Recess Monkey – Field Trips DVD Review

Recess Monkey “Field Trips with Recess Monkey” DVD

The Sound: Beatles influenced (heck, who isn’t) goofy, witty pop perfection.

In the Cafeteria, They Sit With: Billy Kelly, John Vanderslice, Robbert Bobbert, and of course, per their contract, Mayor Monkey.

Best Moments: The trike race on Rainbow Road that ends inside the progressive Seattle school where 2/3 of the band inspire & teach the children who will one day shape our nation’s future (gasp!) Grown men riding tiny bikes, with knees nearly hitting their chins as they pedal, is comedy gold.

Bonus Thoughts:
Mayor Monkey (the band’s manager), channeling his best Ira Glass, is a riot in his bits. While those MayMo moments are likely to make your kids giggle (if only because there’s a monkey wearing a shirt and tie, sitting behind a desk, in a variety of unusual places), the lengthy radio station interview segments may lose the interest of young fans. The on-air performances hit the mark, it’s the build up to get to ’em that had my kids eyes, ears and minds wandering.

Okay, Time to Wrap it Up with a Nice Little Bow:
“Field Trips with Recess Monkey” provides a tremendously fun opportunity to hang out with the nicest guys in kindie rock. You’ll soar high above Seattle, visit with illustrator Matt Hawk, tour a pacific northwest Marshmallow farm and see/hear a whole lot of upbeat, original kid’s music – truly some of the best being made these days. As I watched the film, I kept coming back to one thought – that the DVD is not for the uninitiated. I contend your best introduction to Recess Monkey remains “Field Trip”, the CD.
Fall in love with the band on that disc (you will, trust me) then move on to the DVD – it’ll all make WAY more sense in that order.

*But wait, there’s more! Enjoy the decidedly low-fi video for “Fort”, the awesome lead track from the “Field Trip” CD and one of the videos included on the “Field Trips with Recess Monkey” DVD.


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