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I Know What Your Kindie Rock Star Did Last Night

If the next kiddie rock band you see at 10:30am looks a little drowsy, there’s likely a very good reason.  It’s quite possible that those kindie stars on stage spend his or her way-too-late nights playing their own original tunes in tiny clubs and bars (or colossal casinos!) all over their region.

Many of today’s best and brightest from the kindie community are active in their own “adult” bands or once were or sometimes are.  Who? Well, take a look at ’em broken up into 3 handy dandy categories.

[mild disclaimer: in no way is this meant to be a comprehensive list of artists that have or do straddle the kids/adult music scenes]

‘Familiar artist, maybe not so familiar band name’ division

Brady Rymer spent much of the 1990’s as a member of the alt-country act From Good Homes. Late last year, the band reconvened for several reunion shows, their first gigs together in a decade. Next up, a very high profile concert at The Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City on Saturday, Sept. 4th!

Ralph Covert of Ralph’s World moonlights in The Bad Examples.
Jason Rabinowitz of The Pop Ups is the frontman of Brooklyn’s indie rockers The Bloodsugars (who I highly recommend checking out – start by grabbing a free Bloodsugars mp3 on AmieStreet.com)
Billy Kelly changes his name to Earl Pickens when the sun goes down and is best known for turning U2’s The Joshua Tree into a bluegrass beauty.
Despite her rising popularity within the kid’s music universe, Elizabeth Mitchell (and husband Daniel Littleton) are probably still better known to the rest of the world as the slowcore outfit Ida.
The Terrible Twos frontman Matt Pryor is the main kid in the legendary emo band The Get Up Kids, who I saw live back in their “4 Minute Mile” days when one of the bands on my label opened for them. [feeling old]
Renee and Jeremy each have had solo careers, but Jeremy Toback’s stature as an original member of BRAD (along with Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam and Shaun Smith of Satchel and, later, The Twilight Singers) earns him a spot on this list – as does is current work with the L.A. electro-rockers ONS. Incidentally, BRAD has a new album coming out (which Toback is not a part of, but it’s still worth noting – free mp3 of a new BRAD track here).

‘Same name’ division:

They Might Be Giants have had a long and successful adult music career (and were also my first fave band as a 12-year old). [feeling very old]
Chris “Boom Wiser” and Dr. Rock of The Sugar Free Allstars do double duty bringing the funk to the big kids, under that same kick-ass moniker.
Barenaked Ladies are one of Canada’s most beloved musical exports.
Alastair Moock has been performing his brand of folk music for years…
as has Randy Kaplan who recently unveiled “The Kids Are All Id”, his best kindie work to date…
and Ellis Paul who released the wonderful “Dragonfly Races” a couple years ago.
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem cut their teeth on the New England roots-rock scene before spitting out the delightful “Ranky Tanky”, their kiddie debut.
Ratboy Jr. drop the Junior distinction when the majority of their audience is above 3ft tall.
Bill Harley is an accomplished author and adult performer/storyteller, in addition to being a 2-time Grammy winner for his kid’s material.

‘Sometimes a member of’ division:

Morgan Taylor of Gustafer Yellowgold fame has been seen and heard as a member of The Autumn Defense (featuring a pair from Wilco)

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