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Kidz Bop In School

It turns out that the Bear’s class listens to Kidz Bop in school. I know, I know [head hung in shame]

As she tells it, her classmates actually chant for these songs when it’s time for music to be played in class. Once I stopped gagging and composed myself, I emailed her teacher to explain what it is that I do (what is that again?) and to ask if we could send in some CDs.  Happily, she happily agreed.

The Bear and I picked out a half dozen discs for round 1 and sent them in yesterday morning:

We came to this 6-pack because the Bear likes most all the tracks on most all the CDs and because I had extras of five of them sitting in my office (I parted with my only copy of “Here Comes Science”, less the DVD).  Also because this is representative of real kid’s music; modern stuff that is sophisticated musically while possessing lyrical content that children will have a context for.  If I want my girls listening to Adele songs, then they’ll listen to Adele.  If I want them listening to Flo Rida songs, then I’m an idiot.  Kidz Bop has no place in a classroom, or in the world for that matter.

I also briefly wrote up each album so the teach would have a general sense of the kind of music we’re sharing and sent that along with this paragraph regarding my sensitive, wonderful Bear:

[She] told me that kids will often chant/cheer for Kidz Bop when it’s time for music in class.  This might be quite a hurdle then.  I explained to her (as I occasionally do) that folks often assume they’ll dislike and possibly even ridicule that which they do not know or understand.  Heady stuff, for sure, but she’s never exactly tried to share, with others her age, the music she listens to which without a doubt is different than what most children her age are hearing.  Hopefully the tunes will be enjoyed by all, but I wanted to let you know that she (and I) will understand if they are bemoaned by her pals.  It’s part of the bargain when walking paths less traveled.  That said, I’m certain there will be some sadness if that happens.

Am I overthinking this?  Likely, but that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  I take music seriously, almost as seriously as I take being a dad ;).  The Bear is a highly sensitive girl and even though I’ve been discussing how she and we are a bit left of center from the mainstream and continuing to ask her if that is okay, this is a first for her (she has always said yes to those kinds of questions, thankfully; because I haven’t a clue as to what to do or say should she someday quip “no dad, that ISN’T okay!”), opening a special part of herself – her taste in music – with others her age.  Fingers crossed that if kids do poke fun at the songs that she’ll handle it well, like I did as a young adult (older than she is now, but still vulnerable) by writing bad poetry and listening to even more “bizarre” music.

We are stronger than Kidz Bop and we will not be defeated.

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