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iPhone App for Kids Review: Faces iMake

Collage art is pretty darn cool, but maybe you don’t have what amounts to a flea market full of odds & ends to make such art.  And, even if you do, maybe you don’t want your kids playing with THAT much glue.

No worries.  The Faces iMake iPhone App allows you and your kids to make fantastically bright and unique collages using everything from kitchen equipment, old toys, mismatched buttons, food, letters and more – all without a single mess to cleanup.  Now that’s my definition of fun!

Here are a couple great examples of the artistic possibilities from the Faces iMake online gallery.  Both, incidentally enough, make splendid use of eggplant and broccoli:

And here is one the Bear made (without a single vegetable):

Just in case your kid struggles with the Faces iMake collage concept, there’s a 6-pack of instructional videos included within the app.  These lessons, directly from artist and noted children’s book author Hanoch Piven, offer some aid in the collage making process.

I’d be remiss if I neglected to mention that Faces iMake also features the best in-app song ever.  It’s a perfectly silly kid’s song if ever there was one.  Listen and/or download it for free, here.

Watch how the Faces iMake app works:

According to the footnotes associated with a recent update (presumably in reaction to countless negative ratings/comments), there was a problem with the app crashing during use.  We have not experienced any of these issues, after playing with Faces iMake off-and-on for over a week.

Faces iMake it is one of the coolest, most original apps we’ve ever played with, but as first-rate & fun as the app is for kids and adults alike, I haven’t even mentioned the best part: It’s FREE! (as of this review)

Download the Faces iMake iPhone app now and get started on your digital art career!

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