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iPhone App Review: Wacky Chatter


If your kid digs whoopie cushions, poop jokes and is a fan of making bizarre alien noises, there’s now an app for them.

Wacky Chatter lets you and your little ones pick pronouns, verbs and nouns then select from a cast of characters to speak each word making a hilarious sounding, simple sentence in the process.  The Bear was hysterical after she came up with “I squished pooh”, having selected the underwater dweller Brian to say ‘pooh’, and “I kissed boogers” with a loud chicken named Gavin absolutely owning ‘kissed’ (each character has a personality and a little bio online).

Wacky Chatter is a fun and funny app that kids ages 4-8 will probably get way more than a kick out of, thanks to a bevy of voices and words allowing for the creation of hundreds upon hundreds of different sentences with thousands of different voice combinations.  Well worth the dollar.

Get the gist of gameplay by watching this:

Download Wacky Chatter here

* A free download code of the Wacky Chatter iPhone app was provided to OWTK.  The opinions above are unbiased and honest – no arm twisting took place in the review process.

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