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iPhone App Review: Number Sense


I get really excited about math, and even more so, about math concepts.

The Bear is three weeks away from finishing up with kindergarten but is well beyond that grade level when it comes to math ideas.  I like to think I’ve had something to do with that.  Just this week I started adding these kinds of questions to the in-home math tests she requests (yes, one of her hobbies, along with editing sentences, is solving math problems):

  • 5 – x = 3 / Solve for X.
  • (2+3) – 4 = ___

The new edutainment iPhone app Number Sense is decidedly K and maybe even, at times, Pre-K in nature, but that doesn’t prevent my 6-year old from proclaiming that she “loves this app”.  It also allows the 3-year-old Mouse to get some enjoyment out of it…and learn a little something in the process.

Number Sense is a 5-in-1 app that introduces math concepts through a series of fun, colorful  games.  There’s counting, addition/subtraction, greater than/less than, and larger/smaller – all the basics of early mathematics.  After accomplishing certain milestones your child will receive trophies and awards that are stashed on a “My Stuff” shelf.   Each of the app’s lessons is delivered with vivid graphics and features fluid gameplay, very easy for little fingers to navigate.

Number Sense is a very impressive iPhone app for kids ages 3-6.  If you are looking for a clever, technological way to introduce early math concepts or to reinforce math lessons from school, this may be just the app for you and your kiddo.

Download Number Sense here

* A free download code of the Number Sense iPhone app was provided to OWTK.  The opinions above are unbiased and honest – no arm twisting took place in the review process.

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