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Free iPad App for Kids

Just in time for Easter (and the launch of the iPad), comes The Tale of Peter Rabbit storybook app.

You can download this application straight to your brand new iPad (or iPhone/iPod Touch) for FREE on Saturday and Sunday, April 3 + 4. The storybook features Curtis Wager-Smith’s original 1907 illustrations and, of course, the famous Beatrix Potter story we all know and love.

Additionally there is, in each frame, a hidden object to find which adds another layer of interest to this fine kid’s book app.

Don’t delay, the price is back to $.99 come Monday!

Download The Tale of Peter Rabbit for free right now.

*Once Upon An App, the developer of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, provided me with a free download of this and 2 other apps (including the delightful Learning Colors with Vegetables).  My plug of this free deal comes without bias or arm-pulling.

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