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Just a few moments ago, I was sitting in the parking lot of my local fish monger waiting for their doors to open for the day.  It’s crabmeat I was after, not an emotional episode.  To kill the time, I scrolled through Facebook on my phone and found this link, courtesy of author Kenneth C Davis.

2-minutes later, there are countless tears rolling down my face.  This story of a father and a daughter and of thousands of nights spent reading together is a must read for any parent, book lover, or older child.  It’s a positively gorgeous story about dedication and love – of each other and of the written word.

The Mrs. and I read hundreds of pages to the girls every week.  We love it, but they love it even more.  It’s a ritual I hope they will cherish as they get older, but our reading habits aren’t nearly as definable as the Brozina’s.  Maybe it’s time to name what we do.  Will that help in preserving it?  Only one way to find out.

Oh, I never did score the crab.  Turns out the place doesn’t open till 10am.

Read all about Jim and Kristen Brozina’s Streak.

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