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Recess Monkey at KC Jiggle Jam 2009 – Live Video

The trio of school teachers from Seattle, Washington known as Recess Monkey played early on Saturday. The crowd was sparse (compared to JR and TMBG later on) – such is the fate of the opening act.


The not-yet-warmed-up audience in front of them didn’t stop Jack, Drew and Daron from letting it all hang out on stage. They put on a rockin’ 45 minute set that included a few cuts from band’s forthcoming effort “Field Trip” – “Knocktopus” (video of this one at the bottom), “Bubble Factory” and “Fort”.


The families that did join in the fun under the Jiggle Stage canopy were treated to a perfect example of silly, yet sophisticated, family music. They were also treated to a couple of minutes of me, the Bear and the Mouse. We were asked to introduce Recess Monkey and were honored to do so. Despite flubbing the names of two Jiggle Jam sponsors, I think I managed to pull off the intro without making a complete ass of myself. I even worked in a Neil Young quote from “The Last Waltz”.


And here we are, the Bear and I, with Recess Monkey after the show.

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