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Been quieter than usual on these pages. There is a good reason for that. I’m still seeking a rhythm to my days, both the two a week at home with the girls and the two I spend home alone. I am backed up on parenting blog topics and CD/Book reviews. I have oodles of fatherly wisdom such waiting to dazzle you, trust me.

Here’s a quick roundup of what is going on inside and around chateau OWTK:

The Bear now takes showers by herself. She just got out of the bathroom actually and it’s pretty cool to see her growing up in that way. Now, the reason she was showering again this morning after one just last night is that she soaked the bed with pee. So, maybe she’s not growing up that fast after all…and you know what, that’s alright too.

The Mouse is sorta getting snuggly. She is less robo-baby and more like a warm blooded animal who loves her family. Pretty sweet. The hugs and kisses come in short bursts but when they come they stop time.

It is a lovely day here in SE Pennsylvania. 74 degrees, sunny and breezy. Perfect weather for day baseball and, wouldn’t you know it, the OWTK gang are heading to the 4pm Phillies game this afternoon. 4pm is such an ideal start time for a midweek baseball game. Arrive before rush hour and by the time the game concludes around 7pm, the traffic shouldn’t be too unbearable. Those 1:30pm starts are brutal as the game typically let’s out at 4:30…possibly the worst time to be on the road around here (and in most metropolitan areas in the country).

The Bear has been introduced to The Muppets via the season one DVD series. I also showed her Muppet Babies via YouTube clips. She loves it all. What great shows they were. Her early favorite is Animal. I still like Beeker.

Also digging Jane and the Dragon DVD series (review to come). Had no idea what this was when it arrived but it’s great, witty “girl-power” stuff set in medieval times.


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