First Family Getaway – How to Make Your Typical Adult Trip Family-Friendly

First Family Getaway Sunset

Vacationing as a family is an entirely different experience than vacationing while single or dating. It’s like going from driving the Camaro you had (or wish you had) in high school to driving a minivan. The usual going anywhere that sounds cool and partying until four in the morning is no longer an option. There are little lives you are responsible for now, but just like the minivan, a family vacation can still be fun. It only takes a little more planning.

Factor in Children’s Ages

Finding a resort or vacation destination that has kid-friendly activities isn’t the problem. It’s finding ones that are age appropriate. This is especially important with more than one kid or if there’s a significant age difference, like a six and sixteen year old. Pick a place that will give each kid several things to do throughout the stay. The more, the better, even if it’s more stuff than anyone could possibly do in one visit. For one, it will make kids ready to come back next year, and secondly, they’ll be too busy ever to get bored.

First Family Getaway at the Beach

Ask Your Kids What They Want to Do

Going on vacation someplace where your kids are bored isn’t going to be a fun time. You may think it sounds like it would be fun for them, but they could end up thinking it’s lame. Your kids will have no problem telling you what they want to do. Even though their answer might be a huge theme park, talking to them can yield other options than the usual tourist traps. Suggest horseback riding along the beach or swimming with dolphins in the ocean. Knowing that something that fun is waiting for them can get kids super excited to go to a spot where the parents will be just as happy.

Make Sure the Resort Really Means Family-Friendly

Kids need significant experiences, not being stuck in a glorified playroom for a week in a resort that caters only to adults. There should be several kids and young adult activities to choose from, including a ton of outdoor activities. The best family-friendly resorts will have a wide variety of safe and fun activities and options for families looking to spend quality time together away from the fast pace of daily life. Some of the larger resorts may even have clubs for kids to join during their stay, where they can do things as a group and make new friends.

First Family Beach Getaway

Plan & Pack Together

Talk to your kids, and find out what they want to bring with them (rehearse subtle ways to tell them no on the trampoline). Make lists and check items off. Double check on the critical and expensive items like teddy bears and electronics that can’t be easily replaced by a quick trip to the store upon arrival. 

What’s the Wi-Fi Situation?

Can we all agree that it’s common knowledge that we should limit our kid’s screen time and that a family vacation isn’t the time to have their eyes glued on YouTube? Can we also agree that after an exhausting day of fun, relaxing while the iPhone does the babysitting keeps parents sane? You are going to need Wi-Fi on your vacation, especially with kids. Parents will want to check emails, post those cute pics on social media, or search for a new restaurant in walking distance. Teens will have to check in with their friends so they can pretend the vacation is lame because if they admit they’re having fun, they would no longer be cool. 

First Family Getaway Beaches

Kid-Free Time

As lovely as a family vacation can be, there comes the point when the parents want a little alone time to have a date night or even spend the day together checking out the local attractions. Most family-friendly resorts will have childcare options that are either affordable or included with a vacation package. Make sure you take a tour of the care facilities, ask the staff about their experience, find out what the staff to child ratio is, and verify their credentials. Check the online reviews too, and see what other parents have to say about their experiences. 

Download the Movies

There is a good chance that the family vacation will require a significant amount of travel time. The kids will need something to do during all that time in a seat. Many streaming services offer a download option that allows for shows and movies to be temporarily downloaded to a device. That might mean your kid’s favorite Netflix show can go with them, even in airplane mode.

First Family Getaway
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