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The Funnest Thing Ever Said

We’re driving away from Paris, half way to Toulouse where we’d sleep before passing up, over, and through the Pyrenees & Andorra, as we hustled back to Barcelona to fly home.  I glanced behind me to check on the kids only to discover the Mouse topless in her carseat, still strapped in tightly, with a blanket over her legs.  We all laughed about how she removed her shirt while remaining buckled.

Then the Mrs. asks her: “When did you take your shirt off?”

With the end of the question barely out of her mother’s mouth, the Mouse replies with perfect comedic timing: “The same time I took my pants off!” and rips the blanket off her like a magician dramatically unveiling his beautiful assistant cut in half.  And there she sat wearing nothing but a smile and her underwear.

The blanket is on, but so is the shirt. The funny was yet to happen.

It’s a goddamn miracle I kept the car on the road and all of us alive.  Her response (paired with the blanket action) was and shall remain the funniest thing anyone has ever said.

That girl has so much verve and moxie, she can and will do anything she wants in life.  And I love the crap out of her.

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