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How The Tween Stays Clean and This Family Stays Close

Ivory Tween Stays Clean

Ten is 99.44% pure.

Ten is clean-as-a-whistle knock knock jokes on repeat and dirt beneath fingernails with hands in cookie jars. Ten is clean but needs to get cleaner every night to remove the smell of ten.

Eleven, thus far, a few weeks in, isn’t offering much relief from that smell. But the jokes are still pure and fresh and funny. And the cookies, they are still delicious.

What is the smell of ten exactly?

Best I can tell, it’s socks, sweat, and growing up; that’s the smell of adolescence. Like the emotion and energy of ten and eleven, it can be a bear to wrangle without help that is equally as pure.

It’s been said famously that growing a child takes a village. If you’ve ever tried to go it alone, even if just for a long weekend, you know this to be true, at least if you want to stay sane and keep alive the passions that make you, YOU.

We need help from others to parent our best, to be our best.

Growing a child also takes a fair amount of product. This is true as well, even if it does sound weird written out like that.

This is true because it’s the sneakers our kids grow out of in the time it takes to drive home from the store where you just plopped down $50 for a new pair.

It’s the food you simply cannot keep stocked in the pantry and fridge — but I just bought the family size bag of chips and the 24-pack of fruit snacks this morning!! It’s the house and home you’re being eaten out of.

Ivory Tween Stays Clean

It can be the growing number of beauty products that seem to accompany adolescence. Fortunately, it’s the bath soap — the bars and the body wash — that helps make ten and eleven even more pure and fresh. Ivory provides a pure and gentle clean that the entire family can trust, giving parents peace of mind that our growing tweens are not only clean, but smell clean too.

How The Tween Stays Clean and This Family Stays Close

Times have certainly changed since 1879 when Ivory debuted its floating bar of soap, but more than ever my family is seeking out brands that are safe and gentle enough for our family and that help simplify life, whether it’s cutting down the number of products in everyone’s bathroom or minimizing our shopping list. Ivory bar soap and body wash meets my 11-year-old daughter’s approval but also mine because she smells fresh and clean and I know it’s safe for her.

Ivory bar soap and body wash gently clean and remove also a layer of complexity from family life, allowing us to be together with nary a cringe from the scent of youth. We can then focus fully on the important moments we’re sharing together without recoiling. That’s huge for me because this dad wants to hold on to ten and eleven with everything he’s got. Ivory makes holding on that much more pleasant.

How The Tween Stays Clean and This Family Stays Close

Because she’s got sensitive skin, skin that’s been affected negatively by soaps and laundry detergents in the past, I keep her shower stocked with Ivory Body Wash and bar soaps that are free of dyes and heavy perfumes. This is essential because this kid, this newly-minted eleven year old is an ingredient hawk, pouring over product labels to ensure everything we bring into the house is pure and safe for our family.

For over 130 years, Ivory has been creating gentle products families can trust — that’s a lot of ten and eleven year olds made clean and families lovingly held together! I’m happy to add one more to the collection of satisfied, clean smelling young Ivory costumers.

How The Tween Stays Clean and This Family Stays Close

OWTK has partnered with Ivory to tell this story and was compensated for my time. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always. Ten and Eleven do reek and Ivory helps us stick together happily.

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