The Best Alaska Cruise Excursion For Families

 Best Alaska Cruise Excursion

The Best Alaska Cruise Excursion for families.

There’s a lot of hyperbole on the internet.

It’s the very thing driving millions of clicks to websites falsely promising “THE REAL CURE FOR AGING!!” and claiming to answer idiotic hot take questions like, “IS LEBRON THE BEST NBA PLAYER EVER OR A TOTAL FRAUD???”

This blog has made its share of bold statements over the years, I admit, and here’s one more, but not for click-bait purposes. I pinky promise.

This statement is true and honest because I have experienced it firsthand alongside my family. This is the best Alaska cruise excursion for families. For real.

I didn’t even have to limit this hyperbole to The Best Alaska Cruise Excursion or The Best Alaska Cruise Excursion For Families because, truly, this is the best cruise excursion we’ve ever experienced, in Alaska or anywhere, with kids or without.

The best Alaskan cruise excursion is also the best cruise excursion value too. I mean, some people pay more money to go sit on a beach for a VIP day in the Caribbean than they do to witness nature in its wild, unadulterated, unpredictable beauty in Alaska. Once in a lifetime stuff!

There are beaches everywhere, but there aren’t too many accessible places like the fjords of the inside passage in Alaska; with all the falling ice, humpback whales, seals, mountain goats and eagles! This is excursion money very well spent. This is amazing.

The Best Alaska Cruise Excursion For Families begins, oddly enough, not in a port as you might expect but on the water. That’s right, a small boat comes up alongside the stopped Carnival Legend, in the crystal clear iceberg infested waters of the Tracey Arm Fjord in Alaska, and then your adventure begins. No long, cramped tour bus ride. It is beautiful and ON from the start!

Last month, we stepped off the Carnival Legend on the 2nd full day of our Alaska cruise, onto one of those smaller vessels operated by Allen Marine Tours and we’re immediately impressed.

In fact, we still have bruises from all the patting ourselves on our backs we did for opting into this Tracy Arm Fjord Glacier Explorer excursion in Alaska.

We will be talking about this incredible excursion for the rest of our lives. That’s not hyperbolic it is the absolute truth. Watch this video I made to get a feel for the Glacier Explorer Carnival Cruise Excursion in Alaska:

On board the smaller vessel were a number of pleasant, passionate and knowledgeable naturalist guides (mostly young females, which for a dad of two awesome daughters, was totally rad!), professional binoculars resting on every comfortably padded seat, and a handsome full color keepsake route map to follow along as we headed deeper into the fjord to get up close to a real glacier (we went to Dawes Glacier not Sawyer Glacier as advertised because there was too much ice in the water going in that direction). Conveniently, Dawes is the name of our favorite band! Bonus!!

 Best Alaska Carnival Cruise Excursion

Flashback just 48 hours earlier when we first climbed aboard the Carnival Legend.

I needed to stop at the excursion desk to check on something we had planned in Juneau towards the end of the cruise. Thank goodness I did because otherwise we may have ever known that there was an excursion, just this one Glacier Explorer Alaska excursion, going out twice during that day at sea in Tracy Arm Fjord.

I had no idea that was even a thing, a non-land excursion! How cool!

We were that close to missing out on The Best Alaska Cruise Excursion For Families, missing out on being SO CLOSE to mountain goats, humpback whales, falling glacier ice, seals and that amazing blue ice and green water.

We signed up and spent $600 faster than ever before in our lives without even needing to hand over a credit card  (thanks, Carnival Sign & Sail account!). Spoiler Alert: it was worth every stinkin’ penny!

 Best Alaska Carnival Cruise Excursion

Lucky for you, you’re reading this now so you won’t come so close to missing out on the best Alaska excursion experience imaginable.

I’m going to let the photos take over now…

Now all that’s left for you to do is to book a Carnival Cruise to Alaska for next summer and then book this Glacier Explorer excursion. It will sell out and you will be so sad if you miss out on taking your kids on, you guessed it, the best Alaska cruise excursion for families.

*Carnival provided the cruise to us but we paid for this excursion ourselves.

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    Your trip looks awesome!

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