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Fast Friends And A Growing Family

Hellos and handshakes from one blogger kid to another, to all, with cheeks rosy from the chill of a Lake Tahoe winter and from anticipating all of the joy that had been built into our schedules, helped make fast friends of tween people who happily joined the Sorento Family last month.

Kia Sorento Family Playtime

Would you believe these kids just met? That’s the #SorentoFamily effect.

It wasn’t a reunion as they had just met moments prior, but the jovial spirit in the room might have confused those merely passing by our flock into thinking these children were cousins, distant relations who’d picked up right where they’d left off last time their families assembled them together in a park, around a pool, or encircling a bonfire with skewered marshmallows in hand.

Kia Sorento Family Snow Tubing

New Friends Snow Tubing in Tahoe.

Friendships were formed thanks to a mutual fondness for Hamilton, for playing trucks with and chasing around a little baby boy, during hand-in-hand snow tubing, while baking chocolate tarts for sweet-toothed adults, and thanks to the thrill of skiing and snowmobiling for the first time together.

Finally/luckily/marvelously, these four new friends shared a connecting flight of rearranged seats to be beside each other for a few more precious hours as each went their way towards home sweet home.

Kia Sorento Family Baking

Looking dubious of the Bear’s baking skills at the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe.

Now back home they talk through snippets of recorded video on weekend afternoons, early in the morning before school, because their pet hedgehog or fluffy new cat is being adorable, when one has just opened birthday presents, or whenever a friendly voice and face is needed to make a day, any day so much better. That’s more than a fleeting friendship, that’s a family.

Kia Sorento Family Skiing

There’s something special about a company that trades in steel and glass, rubber and paint, that’s willing to push aside those cold, tactile ingredients of their core business and usher in pallets of warmth, hugs, storytelling and memory-making.

We’ve turned in one Kia membership card (more on that soon) but have since been welcomed into a brand new family, a Sorento Family, and we’ve never been happier to write new chapters of our family, a growing family, story inside, or out of, a car.


*All photos in this post by the remarkable Cielo Roth.

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