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The Summer’s On Kia

2017 Kia Sorento the best car I've ever driven

There wasn’t a need for us to upgrade our family car last summer. We still owed over 10k on the one we owned, but I’d grown tired of its lack of space in the back seat for my growing girls and agitated by the Bluetooth connection that consistently wouldn’t connect. My god that was annoying.

I wanted out of it and in to something bigger and smarter.

Last summer I bought a Kia Sorento.

My Sorento is ‘sangria’ in color, a deep red that shifts from maroon to chestnut depending on the intensity and angle of the sunshine, and is the greatest car I’ve ever driven. This was true when I drove it off the lot and, 10 months later, it remains true.

I’m still giddy that my local Kia dealer took our old car, paid off the loan in full, and got me into a souped up 2017 Sorento for just about the same payment I was already making.

This summer, you can get your beautiful self into a brand new Kia Sorento with no payments for 5 months.

Maybe you missed that last bit: ZERO PAYMENTS — 90 days deferred plus two payments on Kia. That’s an incredible deal for the greatest car I’ve ever driven. It kind of makes me want to drive over to the dealership and buy another one.

Bright red this time. Red Wings red. I really need to stop thinking about this because I’m feeling way too impulsive right now.

Kia Sorento No Payments Summer's On Us Sales Event

Instead of sitting here thinking about buying a 2nd Sorento for us with no payments for 5 months, I’m going to think about some of the cool stuff that you can do in a brand new Sorento during the sweet-smelling, sun-tingling warm months with 5 months worth of car payments stuffed into your wallet.

  • Summer Music Festivals — buy yourself and your bestie tickets to the Newport Folk Fest, or claim some green space on the lawn at an outdoor venue near you to see Jack Johnson perform his chillaxing acoustic rock during his summer tour. When the summer’s on Kia, you’ll have the extra cash needed to live out your rock-n-roll fantasies.
  • Discover #TheNewKia AND #TheNewYouKia has reinvented itself over the past 5 years and you can do the same this summer. Take the car payment money you aren’t spending, hop in your spiffy new Kia and reinvent yourself over the next 5 months. Sign up for that spin cycle class, learn to surf, build a greenhouse, start home brewing — I don’t really freaking care, just get to reinventing the person looking back in the mirror. As The Avett Brothers sing, “decide what to be and go be it”. Be the kind of person you always thought you could be, if only you had the gentle nudge and the disposable income to give it a go. You’ve got both now, so go do it.
  • ROAD TRIP! — I mean, duh, you’ve got an awesome new ride that can handle a big family PLUS all of your stuff (I just comfortably put 36 padded white party chairs in my Sorento and still had room for 4 tiki torches, a tray of soft pretzels and boxes upon boxes of frozen hor d’oeuvres, so you can pretty much drive around with ANYTHING in your new Kia Sorento). Make a plan this summer to head out for one long weekend road trip each month using the extra money from not making a car payment on your new Kia. Go to the beach, to the mountains, to an amusement park, to the city! The Sorento fits perfectly everywhere and your crew will fit perfectly in it.


*OWTK is a Kia ambassador. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased. I did indeed buy a Sorento last summer of my own free will, with my own money and without any hand-holding from Kia PR. That was all my doing and it truly has been the best automotive decision of my life.

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