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100 Steps For 100 Miles Along Hadrian’s Wall in England

100 Steps 100 Miles Hadrians Wall Photo

Recently, I was asked, “Jeff, what’s your all-time favorite photo of your daughters?”


As a photographer who takes a fair number of photos, some of them quite lovely, of his daughters, that’s an awfully difficult question to answer.

If pressed, and thankfully I wasn’t by the questioner on the day, I’d point to this one here.

There are several reasons as to why:

The setting sun casting a warm glow was a photographer’s dream

& (and most memorably)

The location and why we were there.

Weeks earlier I’d hiked along this same stretch of northern England. It didn’t appear to be even half as beautiful then.

100 miles in all, all to honor a fallen friend and to help raise funds to launch a new Camp Kesem outpost at his alma mater and in his name.

We found ourselves back in the area┬áduring our U.K. family vacation in the summer of ’16. Well, we were within an easy hour drive of this picturesque portion of the Hadrian’s Wall trail. My girls, upon learning how relatively close we were, said they really wanted to visit a piece of the wall and that once there they wanted to hike 100 steps for my 100 miles on the same soggy sheep poop covered trail their dad had traversed.

How could a dad deny his daughters their earnest wish?

That’s when and where this moment happened, spontaneously, as two sisters who adore each other danced in the dimming light of a beautiful day after hiking 100 steps for their dad’s 100 miles.

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