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The Incentive To Demystify Healthcare

Every year something changed and so, every year we had to re-enroll and make brand new or validate prior choices regarding our healthcare coverage. I’d then spend the next 12 months fumbling through the differences between co-pay and deductible, max limits, preventative versus sick visits and dreading needing to go to the ER for anything at all because I just had no idea how anything worked, what I was entitled to, and how that might differ from what my wife and kids were covered for. It was not for lacking of trying on my company’s part. They provided me with brochures, emails, links and all the information — maybe too much information — that could’ve answered all of my questions but I didn’t know where to look, how to look or what questions I was going to have in 6 weeks or 6 months from enrolling in the plan.

I take taking care of my daughters very seriously, I mean heck I left my corporate job to be a dad in large part to pull them out of the daycare germ incubator scene, but I’d be lying if I tried to come off as some kind of knowledge source on how our healthcare plan works today should they get an infection, break an arm, need glasses, or have to get a strep test. I’m older, wiser and still totally flummoxed about healthcare. I don’t think I’m alone.

That’s why it’s awesome UnitedHealthcare put together a trio of super duper easy to understand online engagements to demystify healthcare, each with sweet cash prizes just for, well, engaging with them! Each link below has its own sweepstakes with one $100 weekly winner and one $500 monthly winner. So click on each UnitedHealthcare engagement link below, become wiser about health and healthcare and have a chance to win money! Not bad, right?

UnitedHealthcare health facts

Health Facts 123

A simple 3-question quiz about co-pays, out of pocket maximums, healthcare savings accounts, disease prevention and more (you’ll get three different random questions every time) that will make you a little bit more versed in your UnitedHealthcare plan AND give you a chance to win some serious cash.
demystify healthcare and winI’d recommend refreshing the Health Facts 123 quiz to cycle through some different question to quickly become a more informed consumer and user of your UnitedHealthcare plan.

Look and Learn

You’ll watch one short animated video that will answer some of your ‘okay, I went through my employer’s open enrollment process, now what?” questions.

Perfect Match

I mean, who doesn’t love a good memory matching game? This is a clever, lighthearted way for UnitedHealthcare to reach you, to teach you a handful of generic health care terms which’ll help you understand the basic verbiage that you may come across in
your health care plan and, until the end of this month, to give you a chance to win some money. Do iiiiit!!!

*Tip: read fast! The matching cards, especially every 2nd one you click on, turn back over really quickly!

demystify healthcare and win

Alright, there it is. Three nifty, casual ways to learn about your healthcare plan AND three weekly and three monthly chances to fatten up your wallet (while NOT fattening up your tummy!)

*OWTK was compensated by UnitedHealthcare for this post. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always. I really struggled with my employer’s healthcare open enrollment every year and I really love winning weekly and monthly cash prizes!


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