A Dream of Cuba

There’s never a time when I’m not dreaming of traveling to somewhere new and exciting but those dreams come fast and furious, and often become concrete plans, while I am traveling. It’s a super way to pass the time on planes, trains and ships. Hmmmm, where shall we explore next? That’s what’s happening right now, right this second (thank you in-flight WiFi), as I fly to Reno with my family for a Kia family winter adventure in Lake Tahoe.

Right now, at 30,000 feet, I’m dreaming of Cuba. And Cubans.

Best Cuban Sandwich Miami Cuba Travel

The Best Cuban Sandwich I’ve ever eaten, at Juana La Cubano in Miami

It’s not just the sandwich that bears its name. It’s the architectural time capsule the country had sealed itself in, the half-century old automobiles still lining the streets, the fruit stands with rainbows of color, the pastel hues around every corner, the intoxicating rhythms of the music, and the people. My lord I want to spend time with the people of Cuba.
And I want to photograph it all.

Cuba ranks high on my list of dream destinations, and I feel an intense pull to visit sooner rather than later, before Cuba becomes something new. My Cuban dream became a little more realistic today when Carnival Cruise Line announced Havana as a port stop on select Carnival Paradise sailings from Tampa beginning in late June 2017.

Cuba Travel on Carnival Cruise

There are a number of 4 and 5 day sailings that will include daytime and overnight (get thee to a Havana music hall!) stops in Cuba.

With Carnival as your guide, you can now enjoy a Seuss at Sea breakfast then an authentic Cuban for lunch…in Cuba! I haven’t eaten bread in over 10 weeks but I’ll gleefully break my carb embargo for that sandwich, in that place.

I’m so tempted, Carnival. And I’m so ready.

Carnival Paradise cruise to Cuba

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