Photos of Growing Up

To Dreamland With Todd McHatton


Taking photos of sleeping kids (or anyone really) can be super creepy so I don’t make a habit of doing it, but a while back my little girl drifted off to dreamland with Todd McHatton’s sentences, characters, imagination and zaniness on her mind.

I had to document this moment, with book light still on, fuzzy blanket up to chin, and the book of poetry propped ajar by her sleepy head, with one of the characters on the open page seemingly pointing to his mate to say that their work for the evening is complete; time to punch out and head home for the night, back to their own families, stories and dreams.




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  1. Precious!

  2. That’s actually your little one off to dream land with Todd McHatton’s Grass Stained Twilight. Get Down Larry! One of my favorites. So absolutely adorable!!! Heart warming for sure!

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