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A Luxurious Little Black Friday Week Holiday Gift Guide for Luxurious People

Like most terrific things in life, this too started out not quite accidental but entirely unplanned. It also was, as this is now, the result of a writing job. I know, strange right, to have your life altered by a random email in your inbox, a PR rep who couldn’t know the lasting implications of her offer? But I got these new glasses and few years ago, thick amber frames, a style road I’d never before walked, and I suddenly saw myself very, very differently. I saw myself as a pretty decent looking guy, a slimmer guy, somehow, thanks to a pair of $100 glasses in my mailbox. Those specs continue to define me, the true me, the me I never knew was waiting over 35 years to arrive and meet the world.

A wooden watch from JORD is doing that very thing right this moment for a wrist that’s been barren on purpose, for decades upon decades. I mean, I don’t even wear my wedding ring, let alone a bracelet, necklace or (ouch) an earring, but when I go out now, in one of my fine argyle sweaters or maybe, if the weather is unseasonably warm enough or if I am traveling to a temperate climate, in the two-tone Ecoth polo I adore or the short sleeve dress shirt (worn unbutton overtop a my ‘Hopeful’ Josh Ritter tee, obviously) I should really wear more often, I put on this remarkably handsome JORD watch, made of fine red and deep brown woods, with stunning exposed gears, and I am transformed into a more sophisticated bloke than the one you saw a couple days ago doing his grocery shopping in dark heather sweatpants with gnarly pulls of fabric belaying their age, beaten down muted brown sandals and trophy worthy bedhead.

I’ve said before that you can ‘remodel’ your home in small yet significant ways by swapping out sconces, hanging a new framed piece of art or rearranging furniture, and the same is true of your person; a pair of glasses, a spiffy new shirt or a gorgeous wooden JORD watch can unlock a version of yourself that, fine, maybe you don’t want on display 24/7/365 but on special occasions, can be an extremely satisfying and a to-die-for handsome version of yourself.

Here are some nifty gift ideas, a luxurious little Black Friday week gift guide for luxurious people, sure to please the man in your life who is still evolving his look, his fashion sense, and his approach to living a good life.


My unique JORD wood watch is a showstopper, no doubt, and JORD has a men’s watch (and a women’s watch too) that will blow the mind of the lucky recipient in your life too. Of course, you could always buy my incredible watch, in all its ebony and rosewood glory. Do yourself and your special someone a favor this holiday season, skip the mall and give the gift of a cool watch from JORD Wood Watches. I’ve got $25 for you to do just that!

For a limited time, receive a $25 gift code for a JORD wood watch courtesy of OWTK!

JORD Wood Watches rarely ever go on sale but they being discounted on Black Friday! Be sure to get your free $25 code (link above) AND shop on Black Friday to snag a remarkable wood watch for you and your bestie this Christmas!



These gold plated Bluetooth beauties offer remarkable, recording studio quality sound, pin-drop clarity and surprising great noise cancellation. Designed in Sweden, Sudio VASA BLA Bluetooth Earbuds are unlike anything you’ll find in a big box store this holiday season. Look awesome and be the beneficiary of stellar sound quality!


Give the music or podcast or audio book lover and/or traveler an elegant, top-notch tech gift this year, give them Sudio VASA BLA earbuds. While you’re add it, complete the set-up with this AMAZING Bluetooth turntable. The Sudio VASA BLA earbuds sync up quickly and easily so you can, as I do, walk around your house putting vinyl straight into your ears.



Whether he wants to play 18, unwind with a hot stone massage or simply enjoy a beach set-up and a good book, this Emerald Coast Hilton Sandestin resort is an oasis of calm in a busy, busy world. The rooms in the Emerald Tower each include a balcony patio with a killer view of the Gulf of Mexico, there’s an app to get drinks and food delivered to you while poolside or while you bury your feet in the cool sand on the beach, and a dinner at Seagar’s will be one of the finest foodie  experiences of your life under the culinary care of Executive Chef Dan Vargo.

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-7-21-48-amThere’s also YOLO stand-up paddleboarding and fishing charters (request Preston of Gulf Angler Charters!) nearby that the Hilton Sandestin concierge will happily arrange for you.

The Hilton Sandestin is a lap of luxury on Florida’s emerald coast.



Frequent travelers deserve a fine, well designed carry-on bag and this sleek backpack / duffle beauty from Solo fits that bill. It’s got a big padded space for (up to) a 17″ laptop, and iPad pocket, side pockets for miscellany tech, rigged yellow handles on all sides to enable a quick and comfortable carry, and a super clever top zipper that transforms this weekender pack into the classiest duffle bag you’ve ever seen. Your stylish fella is going to love going away with this Active Backpack from Solo.



If you follow me on social (I mean, heck, I’m wearing it in my Twitter avatar right now!), you’ve probably seen the orange and grey collared shirt I like to wear when the weather is warm and the occasion calls for something a bit more posh than my usual duds, a t-shirt and hoodie. I dig this shirt because 1) it is incredibly comfortable, 2) washes up well under the extreme stress of my laundry technique – freeze it/burn it, and 3) it doesn’t look like anything anyone else will be wearing – the SAME is B-O-R-I-N-G. Ecoths are a family owned company using organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics to make handsome, unique clothes for men. Outfit your fella in something soft and stylish this holiday season.

*This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.


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