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The Top Sleep Tips From A Family Travel Jet Setter

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When you’re a family traveling jet setter like me, you have to be able to grab some sleep anywhere, anytime, and at a moment’s notice. Thankfully, I’m napping nobility. Whether I’m lounging on a fleet of bicycles in Barcelona, leaning up against a wall after a run or out cold in the hallway of a cruise ship, sleep comes easy and often for me, for I am the one true King of Rest.

It’s undeniable, my sleep skills are unmatched. I’m world renowned for scoring some shuteye whenever and wherever, which is important because having kids is exhausting but traveling with kids takes exhaustion to expert level status. Being clear of mind and present of body with my kids is my #1 aim when I’m home and it’s even more imperative while traveling the world alongside them.

Restonic King of Rest Carnival Vista hallway sleep

Because I want you to be travel-wise and well-rested too, here are four life-altering sleep tips from the King of Rest to help you sleep well while on the road with your kids:

  • No Sleep Till Naptime – it won’t show up in any travel guide but this family travel legend knows the value of lying down with your kids in the middle of the day for siestas. Will this down time cost your family a chance to see TOURIST DESTINATION X? Yeah probably, but that little nap will ensure that everyone actually enjoys the sights and sounds you DO get to experience while traveling. In short, don’t push yourself and your kids too hard on the road. Get some sleep to fully appreciate every moment awake.
  • Fruit Loops in Hotels and Kids in Beds in the Morning – Even if you’re not a dad who allows his kids in bed with him (a rule I appreciate 100%) consider letting them wake up in the morning and crawl in with you while you’re traveling together in hotels, rented apartments or on cruise ships. It’s kind of like my girls and I eating Fruit Loops in hotels but never buying that sugary cereal at home. Make that extra AM snuggly sleepy time a vacation tradition and everyone will wake up a little more in love with each other which will obviously lead to a better day of travel adventure!
  • To Snore or Not To Snore — My kids are somehow able to sleep through their mother’s is-she-choking-or-didshefallasleepwithpopcorninhermouth snoring pattern so sometimes they do and I don’t. A good night’s sleep is what powers life and when you’ve got a remarkable day scheduled you can’t be up all night tossing and turning because of a spouse’s horror movie snoring, so my kids and I switch beds and everyone’s happy – they get time with mommy and I get to not hear the unsettling score to the zombie movie being projected out of my wife’s mouth.

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  • Sleeping To and Fro — When you travel, especially when you cruise in Europe as we are doing right now, you find yourself on charter buses and/or trains to reach the destination city from the faraway port. It is imperative that you take the opportunity to sneak in a few moments of shuteye when it presents itself in these situations, whether heading to or away from Rome, Florence, Avignon and Pompeii. You and your kids will be fresher upon arrival thanks to the Zzzzzz’s you stole during the transportation portion of your adventure.

Restonic Mattress #KingofRest

As you can see, I deserve to be officially crowned as the Restonic King of Rest because not only do I have the skills, I am also a benevolent leader who gives to his subjects. I also can sleep pretty much anywhere but love a great mattress too. Go to Twitter and tell @Restonic that @OWTK is indeed the one and true #KingofRest and maybe I’ll make you a Duke or Duchess in my sleepy kingdom.

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Restonic Mattress for this promotion.

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