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You Can Take Your Participation Trophy And Shove It Into Your…


Shove it straight into your ears.

What? Did you think I was going somewhere else with that?

The Not-Its! “Participation Trophy” — their fine song from their fine album KidQuake! — is all yours for FREEEEEE right now as a clever and sensible reaction to Participation Trophy-Gate spurred on by James Harrison of the Steelers and responded to with thoughtfulness and eloquence by my friend Whit Honea on CNN.

Participation Trophy The Not-Its Free

Simply enter $0 in the pay what you want field below (or, hell, drop a quarter into their bucket if you wish) and enjoy this tasty topical bite of all-ages alternative musical nirvana with your kiddos. Hey, speaking of Nirvana, did you know that The Not-Its! are also from Seattle and that Not-Its! lead singer Sarah Shannon (on the piano above) fronted the band Velocity Girl who were on Sub Pop Record, the same label as Nirvana? WEIRD!!!

Download The Not-Its! “Participation Trophy” for free now. It’s great. Go get it and play it LOUD.

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