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OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast April 2015 Kindiecomm Special

How’s about a special edition of the podcast, one featuring 14 songs from bands I met at Kindiecomm 2015 in Philadelphia last month! I’ve been a bit down on some of the new music being released for kids and families by some of the newcomers to the scene but I came away from Kindiecomm with a renewed sense of hope in the quality and diversity of the sounds in the still burgeoning alternative all-ages music community. Here’s a sampling of exactly that. Enjoy.

The OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly April 2015 Kindiecomm Special Playlist

  • Karen K and the Jitterbugs “Spring Day” single
  • The Singing Lizard “At The Beach” from Make Believe
  • Pointed Man Band “Red Fox” from Flight of the Blue Whale
  • Vered “Something Other Than A Mom” from Hello My Baby
  • Future Hits “A Pet To Protect Me” from Today is Forever
  • Chris Dorman & Friends “I’ll Carry You” from Always There
  • Here Comes Trouble “Hey, Dolly” from Goo On My Shoe
  • Fire Dog “Bessie Coleman” from For The Kids
  • Michael and the Rockness Monsters “In A Band” from self-titled
  • Michal “Peanut” Karmi “Hey Mister Mushroom” from Cuddlebug Parade
  • Liz, Holly, & The Jolly Lollies “Wiggle Freeze” from Wishin’ Vol. 1
  • Josh and Gab “Oh No!” single
  • NFinity Muzik “Boombox Babies” from Boombox Babies
  • Lloyd H. Miller “Keep The Hate Mail Comin'” from Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

Download this episode directly here, stream it below or grab it as a podcast from iTunes or your favorite podcast provider (search ‘OWTK’).

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  1. One part, how do you discover these bands? One part, thanks and don’t ever stop. Not necessarily in that order. Tomorrow will be a great day at the Heenan household. We’ll listen, we’ll laugh, we’ll learn about the purchasing power inherent in the celebration of the scene.

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