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Adorable Daughters Assemble

Nesquik superhero Avengers Pose

It’s hard to dodge the superhero¬†deluge of 21st century American culture. I try my best to swerve into and out of Marvel’s hostile takeover of society, to find a comfortable balance of costumed heroics and plain clothes narrative.

My daughters enjoy but are not overwhelmed by all things comic book, and this suits me and my personality just fine. We can pretend to fly or stop time and then discuss the science and science fiction behind such things, before cuddling up with a good novel.

But send ’em an Iron Man glove and a cape and BAM! POW! KERPLUNK! (I’m mixing comic brands here, I know, whatever) –> I’ve suddenly got a pair of heroines capable of saving cats from trees and whatever else might ail the world.

Nesquik superhero Avengers Pose

Wanna have your own custom Nesquik Avengers canister featuring you and your favorite tiny superheroes made for free? Of course you do. Go ahead, be a hero and get ready for Avengers Age of Ultron in theaters on May 1st.

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