ARTHUR and PBS KIDS Visit Downton Abbey

Arthur PBS Kids Downton Abbey

ARTHUR and PBS KIDS Visit Downton Abbey on January 26th!

Downton Abbey mania is back as season five of the wildly popular period drama has begun on PBS Masterpiece!

To celebrate, a special Downton Abbey-inspired episode of ARTHUR is set to premiere on PBS KIDS on Monday, January 26 (check local listings for showtimes in your area). The episode, called “Fountain Abbey,” will also be available on DVD come January 27, and features BRILLIANT Downton Abbey themed Arthur artwork. Look! Mrs. Patmore!

Downton Abbey Arthur DVD

Here’s the plot of “Fountain Abbey” direct from the aardvarks at PBS KIDS:

Everyone’s favorite aardvark and his friends will discover the secrets and stories that their families hold. In the drama-filled “Fountain Abbey,” Muffy finds herself absolutely devastated when she learns her great-great grandmother, Mary Alice, wasn’t royalty at all. She was a common maid – oh, the indignity! However, through reading Mary Alice’s diary, Muffy is transported back in time to the famous English estate where her ancestor worked. There she discovers the surprising story behind her humble roots.

The January 26th week of ARTHUR will continue on PBS KIDS with tongue-in-cheek homages to The Wizard of Oz and The Tell-Tale Heart.

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