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Get The Gifts You Wanted For Christmas from Uncommon Goods

Times have changed since I was a bloated wee lad. Whereas I once adored the icy cold temperatures and constant threat of snow in wintertime, I now loath the frigid season, cheering for the odd 55 degree mid-December days when I can make a run outside and slip on my sandals with ease. I’m at the point now at nearly-39 years of age where I could stand to never see a winter storm in person again. That said, if I had my druthers, I would dial up a gentle coating of flaky white on December 24th each year, if only to fulfill the dream of the song we are all suddenly singing at this very moment.

I’ve experienced a lot of wonderful Christmastimes, whether they were white, wet, or dry. My parents were the spoiling type so I never lacked for presents to open and because my dad enjoyed the season and the act of giving more than anyone I’ve ever met then or since, the unwrapping typically went on for days. Those were glorious times for me and my clan.

Christmas 2014, while not quite as lavish as those mid-80’sĀ Reaganomics holidays, made a strong case for Best Christmas Ever, thanks to it lasting 4 days here and thanks to it being boxed, bagged and tagged with a mix of new tech, old fashion gadgetry, and handmade treasures. We each scored well-thought out goodies, including the Bear who, should this be her last ‘Santa Christmas’, went out with a bang. She made out like a bandit, albeit a mid-century bandit, with a 1950’s typewriter, 1980’s cassette recorder and a feathered quill pen. I got a handpainted Red Wings trinket box from my oldest girl (NOT the easiest sports logo to recreate by hand!), a rad Michigan State Sparty + Stormtrooper t-shirt from my middle brother that I will wear EVERY. SINGLE. DAY, and the Mrs is sending me to a woodworking workshop in Philly! Coincidentally, she also upped my life insurance policy. Well played, darling. And wise.

Maybe you and your family nailed this Christmas too, but chances are you got some crap that was exactly that. Now’s the time to take back what you opened and hated last week, and get what you know you’ll love from Uncommon Goods to start the new year in style.

Take a look at Uncommon Goods extensive, thoroughly unique gifts for dad, including these AMAZING Ballpark Blueprints.

I am seriously lusting over the Tiger Stadium one right now. LUSTING! Especially after just standing on the site of those hallowed grounds a couple weekends ago. The actual diamond is still there, and the centerfield flagpole too. It (and the 30 degree temps) took my breath away. My girls and I ran the bases and I stood in the grass looking at the very sight my eyes gazed upon as a boy of 11 years old in 1987, high up in the stands watching my childhood heroes do battle there. Wow, here come the tears again.


*Like dogs more than ballparks, check out these Dog Blueprints!

I also love the Ticket Stub Diary, although with e-tickets and those huge Stub Hub print-off ticket pages, the idea of stashing away memories in ticket form is sadly becoming more and more difficult.

Ok, I could go on for 3000 more words because everything Uncommon Goods sells is genius (even stuff like personalized Whiskey Barrels which obviously as a non-drinker shouldn’t peak my interest, but do!). As a lover of the ampersand symbol, and of cheese & crackers, this fromage serving board is almost too much šŸ˜‰

Oh, need some sweet replacement gifts for kids too? Yeah they’ve got you covered, with the Scratch Map for traveling kids like mine or the wooden U.S. President Block Set for history buffs like I was in my youth.

I may have just resolved to do 100% of my shopping online at Uncommon Goods next year. Damn their stuff is so freaking clever and cool! And the company is rad too, paying even their lowest paid workers well above minimum wage and giving back to their community through several charitable endeavors, so you won’t feel even the slightest bit icky when you spend your coin on Uncommon Goods goods.

*The kinds peeps at Uncommon Goods sent me a couple of goodies before Christmastime. No other compensation was involved, I just love the stuffing out of this website.

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