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Let’s Make Christmas Last — A Red, Green and Bluetooth Holiday Season

 JBL Charge 2 Speakers Kindie Christmas Music Playlist

Holiday music, if anyone is talking about it at all, is usually being bemoaned and belittled openly with much disdain. Blame the big box stores, who begin force feeding it to us through their lame sound systems while the ghosts and goblins of late-October are being moved unceremoniously to the dreaded clearance racks, a proud product’s worst nightmare — neglected during its season and now painfully devalued. There once was a time, in the not so distance past, when people actually looked forward to the dulcimer tones of Nat King Cole and the joy of Bing Crosby. I’m trying to bring those fond memories back by observing a strict rule of no jingling bells until the turkey has been partitioned into evenly weighted leftovers, and each family member has taking a ration or two home with them. Then, and only then, will it be “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year.”

“I’ll Be Home for Christmas” isn’t just a song title, it is my yuletide philosophy. I will always make the time, no matter what my family looks like now or in the next decade, to celebrate Christmas with my parents. Some things are non-negotiable. Nearly everything there is perfect, although, to this day, there is never enough in my stocking hung by the chimney with care. But my parents miss the mark with the musical score to our holiday tradition, relying either on the radio (too wildly unpredictable, because if I hear that “met an old lover in a grocery store” song one more time I’m gonna lose it) or their iPad (terrible sound) or their mini Mac desktop computer with no external speaker (inaudible). Despite retail stores crushing our Christmas music loving souls, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without great Christmas music streaming out from somewhere near the tree and the trimmings. And it’s right there, where glorious wireless bluetooth JBL Charge 2 Speakers enter the picture.

 JBL Charge 2 Speakers Kindie Christmas Music Billy Kelly

I’m no audiophile but I do like my music to crackle when it should crackle and boom when it should boom. For the longest time, too long really, I’ve been relying on only my phone to play my music and it was fine enough while cooking or baking or candlestick making (fine, I’ve never done that…but I could if I wanted too!) but then the JBL Charge 2 came into my life and much like hearing the quality difference between a favorite album played as an mp3 and that same album as a 180-gram vinyl record spinning on a turntable, the JBL Charge 2 blew the doors off of my place. Jukebox the Ghost’s new self-titled album and Gustafer Yellowgold’s Wisdom Tooth of Wisdom, the first two albums I played through the Charge 2, each sound as if the band is set up IN my kitchen and performing just for me. You hungry fellas? I’ve got a couple of soups on, a rosemary olive oil bread still warm, and a brown sugar BBQ pork tenderloin in the oven. Make yourselves at home.

I took to Instagram immediately (as one does) to tell every one of the 576 people who follow me (and Jukebox the Ghost, who unfortunately do not) that this speaker is the bomb (and to make that same ‘you fellas hungry’ joke).

JBL Charge 2 on Instagram

The JBL Charge 2 Speakers usher music via Bluetooth from your favorite device into your home the way the music was meant to be heard, with every pluck of the bass, cymbal crash, french horn bellow, wail of guitar solo, and dramatic piano crescendo perfectly placed in the mix and at a volume that will make you fall in love with music all over again. Yep, even Christmas music. I hope my parents don’t end up reading this far down, because it will ruin the surprise of a new JBL Charge 2 Speaker sitting under their tree this year, playing this sweet kindie rock Christmas music mix, a set of new and mostly original holiday music that concludes with “Let’s Make Christmas Last”, an instant classic from the great Billy Kelly:

I got mine from #CollectiveBias (thank you very much) but you can and should get your own JBL Charge 2 Speaker for yourself or as a gift for someone you love this holiday season (someone like my mom! Wait, you love my mom? I had no idea you even knew my mom. I mean, sure, she’s an easy person to love — caring, kind, thoughtful — but how exactly do you know her again?). Check it out, the JBL Charge 2 even comes in festive red! And yeah, I kinda wish I had that one, stenciled with a Red Wings logo too. What? I guy can dream, can’t he?

JBL Charge 2 Speakers online

#GiftingAudio is made super easy when you shop directly from thanks to score free ground shipping both ways and a 30 day return policy. Of course, you can always try to win a Charge 2 below! [wink,wink] #GiftingAudio Sweepstakes

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

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