Curious George Goes To Mars on May 19th

Curious George Goes To Mars PBS Kids May 19 2014

I can only imagine that the set up for this new Curious George episode airing on PBS Kids on May 19th, which sees George and the Man with the Yellow Hat take off for Mars, starts with something like this: “Now George, I need to go over there and speak with the Space Museum curator about something relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things but FOR SOME REASON I CANNOT QUITE PUT MY FINGER ON, I MUSTN’T HAVE YOU NEAR ME DURING THIS CONVERSATION, so you just wait here nicely in the Mars Rover rocketship and I’ll be back soon.” Queue rocket boosters and we’re off.

I kid, of course, but seriously, The Man With The Yellow Hat surely was the inspiration for the main character from Memento, because why else would he repeatedly leave that monkey alone! His name is CURIOUS George!!

Tune into PBS Kids on May 19th and watch what actually happens to get the famous pair into space and onto Mars. And stay tuned for more new Curious George episodes from Season 8 airing on the 20th and 21st. Find your local PBS station and showtimes here.

PBS Kids Super Vision App

Hey, speaking of apps (what, we weren’t speaking of apps….um, so, yeah, awkward…) PBS Kids has a brand new and kinda revolutionary app called PBS Kids Super Vision, which totally sounds sci-fi and totally kinda is! Here’s the deal, say you are doing laundry or baking a pineapple upside down cake or, oh!, I know, planting flowers this weekend during mother’s day! And say you kinda want to do all of those activities sans the kiddos, so you can, you know, actually get them done. So you fire up the laptop and let them play games and watch videos on PBSKids.org — brilliant plan mom/dad/caretaker/person! This futuristic Super Vision app from PBS Kids lets you receive real time information on what your kid is watching, playing, doing on PBS Kids. So you are like right there but not right there because you’re knee deep in laundry, hands deep in mushy pineapples or elbows deep in potting soil! Neat-O is right. Download the free PBS Kids Super Vision app now for iOS and get stuff done this weekend.

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