Attend Samsung Camera’s #DitchtheDSLR DitchDay in Times Square and Walk Away With A New Smart Camera for Free


Many of you already know that I’ve been a fortunate member of the Samsung Imagelogger team since the end of 2013. Maybe you’ve been enjoying some of my Imagelogger photos on Flickr or Instagram. Through my first six months in the program, I’ve already shot with three different mirrorless Samsung cameras: the NX300, NX30, and the brand new NX Mini. Along the way, I’ve explored an artistic side of myself that I always knew was buried deep inside, somewhere, hidden beneath the stacks of books I’ve yet to write and stories waiting to be told. Some of you have expressed a jealousy that I respect, appreciate and 100% understand. Now, you too can get your hands on the NX30, a $1000 camera!, for free when you #DitchtheDSLR. Simply get yourself to New York City next Wednesday, trade in an old DSLR camera of your own, and you’ll receive a brand new, stunning, smart and technologically marvelous Samsung NX30 that comes complete with an 18-55mm lens. You want this camera, trust me. You want to find yourself as a visual artist with a piece of equipment that will allow your talent to flourish. Also, you want to make your Instagram crew super, duper envious. 😉

Here’s the skinny on the Samsung #DitchtheDSLR Times Square event (please read Samsung’s full #DitchDay Terms and Conditions):

  • The first consumers to #DitchtheDSLR (via trade in) at the event will receive a NEW Samsung NX30 SMART Camera ($999 value). The Samsung team will have several hundred NX30s on hand so arrive early to be assured of receiving one!
  • Event attendees will also have the chance to receive a $50 rebate towards the purchase of a Samsung NX camera like the new NX Mini, when they pledge to #DitchtheDSLR.
  • Samsung #Imagelogger members (not me, unfortunately) will be on-hand to offer helpful tips and to share their experiences using mirrorless cameras.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014
10am – 12pm (ET) – Open to the press
12pm – 6pm (ET) – Open to the public and press


Times Square between 42nd and 43rd Streets across from Nasdaq Marquee
Please Note: Media are invited to experience a booth tour, local photo walk led by a Samsung #Imagelogger or shoot images from the event space’s Skydeck.


Consumers will have the opportunity to capture slot car racing, zoom in on Times Square from the Skydeck or capture an NX Mini Selfie!

Samsung invites consumers to a unique and interactive Times Square experience to showcase what mirrorless cameras have to offer. Samsung will be hosting the first ever #DitchtheDSLR DitchDay, where they will showcase the newest, slimmest and the most connected SMART cameras currently on the market. There will be a number of exciting activities, consumers can test the speed of the mirrorless cameras by capturing images of slot cars racing down a speedway, taking a high quality NX Mini selfie, create an impressive panoramic of Times Square, as well as demo any of the NX cameras at their leisure.

This event is 100% free. Go, be merry, and get yourself a brilliant smart lightweight camera to start shooting in style.

Here are ten photographs I’ve taken with the Samsung NX30 over the past few weeks:

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