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Conversations Between Kids: Guess What I’m Made Of

I heard this last night. Both girls were in the bathroom, putting toothpaste onto bristles. I scrambled for pen and paper to capture it as this conversation between kids happened in real time.

Bear: Guess what I’m made of.
Mouse: Skin?
Bear: No.
Mouse: Bones?
Bear: Nope.
Mouse: Both skin and bones?
Bear: Wrong again!
Mouse: Gas?
Bear: Guess.
Mouse: Gas??
Bear: Guess.
Mouse: Gas???
Bear: Guess again.
Mouse: I dunno, what?
Bear: Baby wipes.
Mouse: Poopy ones?
Bear: No, clean.
Mouse: Oh good.

*Photo: The OWTK girls wearing their new Frozen Olaf PJs for the first time, decorating the Christmas Tree, and playing with a stray strand of battery powered multi-colored lights. #Samsung #NX300 #Imagelogger

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