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How I Am Becoming A Better Dad

The same guy has transformed me twice. And I barely know him.

Whit Honea’s work on his own blog, Honea Express, as well as for the online magazines with enough sense to employ him, have long made me try harder with my own storytelling. His poetic flair for deep imagery has been a virtual lighthouse as I navigate seas I was never trained to sail, in a rickety vessel taking on water, and with a dwindling food supply. Seriously, I’m nearly all out of Talenti gelato. This shit’s about to get ugly.

Early this year, amid personal turmoil and tragedy, Whit Honea saw the publication of his first book, The Parents’ Phrase Book. I was psyched for him, if not underwhelmed by the cover art and font. That shade of blue, I just don’t know. But the words contained within, shiiiiite, there’s some serious everyman wisdom in there. Whit Honea is helping me figure out, even after doing it for 10 years now, how to become a better dad. Dammit, he’s good.

I spilled 575 loving words about The Parent’s Phrase Book for Cooper & Kid’s Catch E-Zine today and invite you to read them and consider buying the book that is helping me become a better dad.

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