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The Okee Dokee Brothers Head Over The River and Through The Woods To Make New Adventure Album and DVD

Okee Dokee Brothers in Philly for Sunny Side Up Show_Comast Center_Feb 23 2014

I’ve got the spine tingles again and that’s because The Okee Dokee Brothers, two of my favorite folks in music, are about to drop Through The Woods, their latest adventure album and follow up to their Grammy Award winning Can You Canoe?

We’ve still got a three month wait for the new CD/DVD but now we have the trailer to watch and to listen to samples of “Out of Tune,” “Jamboree,” “Echo,” and the gorgeous title track.

Music of the people, for the people, by the people. The spirit of John Denver is alive and well. I freaking love this band.

Watch, listen, enjoy, and get excited for Through The Woods.

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