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Watch This: The Okee Dokee Brothers “Can You Canoe?” DVD Trailer

I can honestly to you that in my 5+ years of covering kid’s music, there hasn’t been a single album release I’ve awaiting with as much giddy school boy anticipation than “Can You Canoe?”, the 3rd kindie effort from the MN bluegrass duo of Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing – aka The Okee Dokee Brothers.

They pair spent all of June 2011 paddling down the mighty Mississippi writing this album, then parts of autumn recording it near Woodstock, NY with the lovely Dean Jones (Dog on Fleas) turning knobs and adding horns. I have had the distinct privilege, and it has been exactly that, of hearing three of the mastered tracks (about 150 times each) and, as I was telling anyone who’d listen to me in NYC over the past three days, I consider this trio of tunes three of the finest family music songs I have ever heard. Ever.

How’s that for build up?

Check out the trailer for the DVD that will accompany “Can You Canoe?”, shot on location(s) whilst heading south from Minneapolis to St. Louis last summer:

*High-Res Photo courtesy of Alex Johnson.

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