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Fall Back With Tickety Toc’s Tommy and Tallulah

Makes sense, right? To get some assistance on handling the end of Daylight Saving Time with your children from two adorable children who’s primary job it is to keep time! Right on.

You could complain to Mother Nature about losing an hour starting this weekend, but she’s probably not in charge anymore. I’m certain she outsourced this job years ago. So you’d have to deal with a call center, long queues, and who’s got time for that. Instead, check out this handy dandy Daylight Savings Time tip sheet from Tickety Toc for help getting your tiny tots (and yourself!) acclimated to brighter mornings and darker evenings.

They are a comin’…the clock’s-a-tickin’.

Tickety Toc Daylight Saving Time Tip sheet - FINAL-page-001

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