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The OWTK Podcast — September 2013

So much new music arrived at OWTK HQ this summer…and some of it was even pretty decent! I played a lot of that new music, from new bands on the September 2013 episode of the podcast.

Here’s what I played this month:

  • Josh and the Jamtones “Everybody Dance” from Bear Hunt!
  • Pointed Man Band “Danse Sans Pantalon!” from Swordfish Tango
  • Lori Henriques “Le Francais Est Magnifique” from The World is a Curious Place to Live
  • Andrew & Polly “Little Bitta You” single
  • The Hoots “Come Along With Me” from Cool Things
  • Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band “Till There Was You” from Lishy Lou and Lucky Too
  • Robert Bobbert & The Bubble Machine “Hey Little Puppy” from Robert Bobbert & The Bubble Machine
  • Heidi Swedberg & The Sukey Jump Band “Johnny Martin” from My Cup Of Tea
  • Josh & Gab “Nine O’Clock Behind the Jack Rabbit” from I’m Not a Bully! EP
  • Recess Monkey “Long Gone” from Desert Island Disc

Stream the whole show here:

And/or download the whole episode directly to your hard drive here.


Help bring the world of kindie to SXSW by voting YES on Bill Childs’ panel proposal. Other notes I neglected to mention this month because there was no KindieBeat in this episode: The Bazillions are trying to raise money to make new videos. See their Kickstarter to help out. The Diggity Dudes 3rd annual Diggity Fest in Richmond, VA on Sept 15th with Justin Roberts, Alastair Moock, Steven Courtney and more. In the area? Check that out!

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