The Incredible Egg Back to School Breakfast Challenge + Huge Giveaway

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My memories of childhood are fuzzy. I remember clearly that it was brilliant, and filled with love and a bounty of diverse experiences that helped shape my worldview. The day-to-day specifics? Yeah, not so much. That said, I do recall this: filet mignon (always intentionally overcooked — why didn’t someone tell the child version of me that meat should be pink!?) and omelets. I’ve all but given up on the former, because my parents aren’t footing those pricey dinner bills anymore! The latter though, that affordable fluffy yellow goodness is still a huge part of my breakfast (and sometimes dinner) routine. But now that I have kids, kids that don’t always crave Swiss cheese, sausage, black beans, onions, roasted red pepper, grilled asparagus, and the like in their eggs, it’s been harder to prepare eggs in the morning before school. This because my one non-stick frying pan needs to be cleaned over and over again to prepare the next breakfast and this because being short order cook during the groggiest hour of every day isn’t that enticing a proposition for me. But, BUT! I have found a way to make eggs an easy piece of our school day puzzle.

When our decrepit dishwasher was removed for a plumbing job this summer, we told ’em to take it away when they left and dispose of it in their appliance graveyard. We were going to get a new one, I swear, but, well, we didn’t. And we’ve got the dishwasher shaped hole in our cabinet to prove it. As the head chef and chief cleaner of kitchen and culinary accouterments, I decided I’d rather wash everything by hand every single day then load and unload the dishwasher every other day. As such, a recipe that uses as few bowls, pots and pans as possible is solid gold.

Enter, microwaved eggs.

Incredible Egg Flatbread Egg Pizza

I know, I know, I had no idea either. Never even considered it. But eggs in the microwave work – are fast, clean, and absolutely delicious. You can be a short order cook at breakfast time without feeling stressed and overworked. And your kids get their essential protein and natural energy before a long day in their cubicle classroom — all with minimal cleanup afterwards. Win. Win. Win. Win.

Often it seems that other breakfasts only serve to make my children hungrier. They end up craving even more stuff before walking out the door for school. That’s not cool, and it is part of the reason why we embarked on the American Egg Board Challenge over the past 10 days. During that time, I swapped out our usual breakfasts of cereal and more cereal with eggs prepared quickly and deliciously in the microwave. I cycled through , all of which deliver that fluffy yellow goodness in a matter of minutes, and had so much fun serving my girls and I freshly made, custom-ordered hot breakfasts to kickstart their return to school and my days working from home. What I have seen over the past week and a half is that, thanks to eggs dished out in a lighthearted way on pizza, in tacos, and as omelets, my daughters are leaving the breakfast table satisfied and bouncing out the door, ready to tackle whatever their 1st and 4th grade teachers will throw at them. All with a single egg. That might be the most amazing bit.

As I already mentioned, there , but we here are head over heels in love Love LOVE with the flatbread egg pizza with sausage and cheese. Sometimes, we even add a few sliced grape tomatoes from our backyard garden for color and crisp juicy flavor. This is a recipe that also serves as a lovely template for you to add leftover veggies from the prior evening’s dinner — try finely chopping up leftover steamed broccoli and caramelized onions and tossing them into the eggs to cleverly and conveniently sneak healthy greens and sweet, sweet onions into breakfast!

Incredible Egg Flatbread Pizza

Here’s what you need to do. (Check out the full recipe here)

  • Take a single egg and a tbsp of milk and whisk together in a wide shallow bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add crumbled pre-cooked sausage (if desired). Microwave on high for 30 seconds.
  • Fork the mixture towards the center, then microwave on high for another 30-45 seconds.
  • Toss in the cheese and add any cooked veggies you wish, then microwave for a final 15 seconds.


  • Slide the fluffy eggy goodness out onto a heated-up piece of naan or your favorite flatbread and use a pizza slicer to cut into individual servings. It looks great, tastes amazing, costs next to nothing (see below for cost breakdown) and used exactly 1 bowl, and just a single egg!, to prepare. AWESOME!

Incredible Egg Flatbread Pizza 2nd Full

I’m not alone in noticing the power of eggs for breakfast. A recent survey noted that 82% of parents think that eggs are a more nutritious start to their child’s day than cereal. And research proves what I have found, that an egg breakfast improves appetite control and increases that ‘full’ feeling. Then all you’ve gotta do is stop when you feel full, something I have historically struggled with, but am getting much better at.

Incredible Egg Flatbread Pizza Bear's First Slice



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Eggs provide a number of excellent dietary benefits, can be easily cooked in a variety of ways, and are very cost effective. The American Egg Board highlights the many benefits of eating eggs in addition to providing tips and delicious recipes. For more information, please visit

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the American Egg Board.

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