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OWTK July Podcast Playlist

This month’s podcast is stacked with talent. Like, mucho talent. Primo, high-grade, top shelf talent. Get the point yet? Good. You and your kids are in for a treat, and add to that, several guest appearances by The Bear and Mouse!

Here’s what you’ll be hearing on the July episode of the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast:

    1. Justin Roberts “Every Little Step” from Recess
    2. Recess Monkey “Tattoo Me” from Deep Sea Diver
    3. Frances England “Bicycle Built For Two” from Blink Of An Eye
    4. The Pop Ups “Pasta” from Outside Voices
    5. Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke “Raised By Trolls” from Pleased to Meet You
    6. Alastair Moock “Joy Comes Back” from Singing Out Way Through: Songs For The World’s Bravest Kids
    7. John and Mark “Colors” from John and Mark’s Children’s Record
    8. Mariana Iranzi “Bichito De Luz” from Hola Hello
    9. The Que Pastas “Ooh Bubble” from Sunglasses
    10. Kindiependent “Cupcake Revolution” from Birthday EP

See what I mean? This playlist includes new songs from some of the heavyweights of the genre (Justin Roberts, Recess Monkey, Frances England) as well as modern classics from The Pop Ups and John and Mark, and other terrificly fresh tunes from the likes of Ms. Mariana Iranzi (enchanting), The Que Pastas (gooftastic), Alastair Moock (inspiring), and Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke (absurdism at its best!). Finishing off the set is a homemade blistering rocker from the collective of NW kindie talent known as Kindiependent (Recess Monkey, The Not-Its, Johnny Bregar, Harmonica Pocket & Caspar Babypants.) Wow. Enjoy, y’all!

Stream the July podcast below or download it directly right here.


I mentioned a few items during this month’s KindieBeat segment and I will now link to those things!
MonkeyFish Toys is now selling a handpicked (by me!) selection of kindie CDs in their fine indie toy store in Exton, PA. The music is playing through Apple TV on a flat screen with the beautiful artwork on display behind the albums themselves. If you know a great indie toy seller in your town that might like to start selling the best and brightest of the Golden Age of Family Music, let me know at jeff@owtk.com!

Pre-orders of Justin Roberts’ Recess get a limited edition pop-up robot, access to a secret website, and a special coloring book. You also get a gorgeous looking album and the eventual winner of the 2014 Grammy Award for Best Children’s Album. You heard it here first. Sign up for JR’s email list to get the pre-order scoop very soon!

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band are pitching Coke! Well, sort of. The group wrote a sweet song called “Falling” for the brilliant new Coke ad. Watch it below.

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