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Free Kid’s Music Downloads — Summer Roadtrip Songs

Whether you are driving back and forth to grandmom and grandpop’s backyard pool this summer, or have a proper road trip on the docket, you’re gonna need some fresh tunage blasting out the windows while zipping past mile markers and Waffle Houses.

Take a look and listen to this brilliant playlist put together as a free download (until June 1st!) and a free stream ad infinitum.  You can get free kid’s music song downloads from OWTK faves Justin Roberts, Dean Jones, Shine and the Moonbeams, The Not-Its!, Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke, and brand new as-yet-unreleased tracks from Trout Fishing in America and Alastair Moock (with the Okee Dokee Brothers.)

Without great music playing, all you’ll have on your next road trip might be songs about Baby Geese. And how much of that adorableness can you possibly take?

Don’t hesitate on this sweet free kid’s music deal, y’all. Listen to the tracks then click on each one you want and download them for free…but only until June 1!

Crave more free kid’s music? Subscribe to the OWTK podcast and belly up to the kindie rock buffet for free every month. Oh yeah.


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