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Watch This: Todd McHatton “Dana Wears Dresses” Music Video

Todd McHatton is in an interesting position.

He has experienced a break-out, radio smash hit with “I Think I’m A Bunny”, certainly a dream of any artist, but the song is atypical of his style musically. And it doesn’t feature his actual singing voice. Hmmm. It would’ve been a valid question to ask if he would be one and done with the fans of Kids Place Live. Would have been. I think we already have our answer as “Dana Wears Dresses” — a jumpy 2-minute gem I played on the July episode of the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast — has been getting some serious satellite radio love of late.

No, the maniacal wardrobe-changing Dana likely will never capture the hearts of KPL fans quite like “Bunny” did, but fans of Marvy the Monster (he who thinks himself a bunny) won’t have long to wait for more of that kind of adorable material. McHatton announced yesterday the September 21st, 2012 release of Todd McHatton Presents Marvy Monstone’s Mysterious Fun Time Dream Band.  As he puts it, you can expect “a sunshine psychedelic pop explosion for the whole family featuring Marvy, me, and the rest of the gang.”  More info on this new album as it becomes available.

For now, dig on this homemade music video for “Dana Wears Dresses”:

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